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So who am I to know all this? Well, you must have probably heard about me. My name is IGBOKWE THADDEUS and I am an online entrepreneur and business coach that operate several internet business ventures and startups

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If you are serious about learning how to make real money online, without getting scammed or ripped off by ‘so-called gurus’ who tell you that you can be a millionaire overnight. This proven system will show you how to start making money from your facebook account without doing much work of writing or wasting time.

Facebook Autopilot system is all about getting paid for updating your facbook and twitter account.
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Facebook Autopilot system is all about getting paid for updating your facebook account with “secret” cash-generating status.


“Facebook Autopilot Cash Pump Guide”

This Facebook Autopilot Cash Guide is a special report written to help an average Nigerian start earning extra income just by posting facebook status.

The “Facebook Autopilot course” will dramatically transform your bank account. But before I say anything else, let me show you some of the things you will learn from this amazing course.

What Facebook Autopilot Cash ATM is all about… and… all the processes involved to start and ensure you earn at least $250 in your first month using this system!

How to open a brand new Facebook account for this system to work optimally and the basic ingredients required.

How to Register on the website from where you willing be getting the updates to post on Your facebook and get paid for doing so. There is a right and wrong way to doing this. You will be shown the right way. You get paid every Friday from this website.

Discover the secret website from where I get everything automated and set it all on autopilot

You will see how you can automate the whole system in a day and make it run for the next 30 days and collect your earning every Friday!

How you can open multiple account and get more clicks in record time.

The precise community of Facebook users where you can make a post and it will be seen by over 300,000 people at once.

How to build a large following on Facebook to grow your audience and increase your earnings from the Facebook Autopilot system.

How to get connected to many Facebook groups and pages and to build your target audience to over 500,000 and then promote the business.

How to operate this business with a mobile phone, iPad, laptop, desktop or any other device that has internet access.

How you can start this business even if you dont have a personal laptop by using a cyber cafe or your mobile phone.

The #1 biggest mistake made by people trying to use Facebook to make money! Instead, follow my advice on Page 11 and you will literarily turn your facebook account into your personal cash-generating ATM.

How to withdraw your earning direct to your Nigerian bank account with ease!

And many more!

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I held a free online e-course for over 1000 people where I showed them the secrets of making money through Blogging. I usually hold these online seminars once every year. So anticipate the one for 2014. See some testimonies below.

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This Guide reveals how anyone can open a verified paypal account and operate it right here in Nigeria.

Often times paypal has been a pain in the ass for Nigerians but not anymore, This Guide says it all.





How to Start And Successfully Run An Online Mini Importation Business With N10,450 Capital and Make Up to N250,000 Monthly






The Blogging Cash System

How To Start Your Blogging Business Within Next 5 Days & Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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Do You Like To Post And Chat On Facebook?

Why Not Make Some Money From While Doing Tha t!

Learn This Simple Method that I Use on My Facebook Account To Make $50 -$80 Everyday on Total Autopilot While Working Less Than 20 Minutes Weekly On The Internet.

Instead of wasting your time on the internet chatting and wasting your hard earned megabytes on facebook, why not turn that precious time into something meaningful so that you can start earning money online using your facebook account and smile to the bank every friday of the week. I know how you feel when you hear about stuffs like making money online.

You think another online SCAM. Right ?

Making Money Online is simply a matter of understanding how things work, and applying that knowledge. It dose not take any special skill
or any great intelligence. Making Money Online is
really true but you just need to know how to do it. This is exactly what I am going to teach here;

You simply don’t need to have any technical experience to follow this method and you can implement it, immediately, after reading my step to step guide ! You can start making money really shortly by following my system with Your facebook account, You can get one for free at if you don’t have one. You don’t need to own a website to use this system. Your knowledge of how to update your facebook status and group status’ with your phone or laptop You must be able to browse the internet at least 20 minutes everyday of the week You must be ready to cash out your earnings every friday of the week And Have my step by step facebook autopilot cash system Guide to lead you true. That’s all you’ll be needing for you to start making
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WHAT IS FACEBOOK AUTOPILOT SYSTEM? What Facebook Autopilot System is all about and all the processes involved to start and ensure to earn at least $200 in your first month using this system –

How to turbo charge your earnings from $200 monthly to over $500 monthly income without too much effort –

How to open a brand new facebook account for this system to work optimally and the basic ingredients required. –

How to Register on the website from where we shall be getting the updates to post on our Facebook and get paid for it. There is a right and wrong way to doing this. You will be shown the right way. You get paid every Friday from this website. – I shall reveal another website from where i get everything automated and set it all on autopilot. With this singular secret, you can decide to automate the whole system in a day, make it run for the next 30 days and go to bed without doing anything else and at the end of the week, collect your earnings , HENCE , The Reason Why Is Called Facebook Autopilot Cash System.

What Else Do You Need to Know? – Why you do not need to have your own laptop and internet connection before you can get this done and achieve desirable results
– The exact community of people to join so that when you make a post, it get seen by over 500,000 people at once. Just a click of the button is needed.
– How to withdraw your money every friday of the week straight and get it to your local bank account within 24 hours.
And So Much More !!

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